One of the most fulfilling aspects of creating art is anticipating the outcome. And this includes not only the materialization of the artwork itself, but also the actual destination of the piece. What is it meant for? Who will be the end user? How will the piece be incorporated into its ultimate environment?  
When making pottery, I was especially focused on the functionality of a piece: how it pours or how it rests in your hand. This aspect may be just as important as the aesthetic qualities embodied in each vessel. As pottery is wholly a tactile art form, form and function become inherent in the creative process.

Now, working in the two dimensional realm of photography, the natural progression of form and function is not so easily attained. However, as my work expands and evolves, I am finding that the most fulfillment, and consequently most successful pieces, come from understanding the connection between the artwork and the "end user". 

The majority of images I produce stem from an object or activity seen in the outside world, transformed through the lens and a (hopeful) vision in my mind. An image captured and composed because of what I see and ultimately what I find to be intriguing – a new “form”. That in itself imbeds meaning into my work. However, when a client finds an image captivating and creates a plan for that image to be placed into their daily lives, a new meaning is created, or, if you will, a “function”. The artwork, the materialized image and composition, becomes part of a new external environment. 
It is always exciting to ship - my work packaged up, nice and shiny in its wrapping, on its way its new home. Knowing the end user, where the piece was going and how the client envisioned its place in the new environment completes the creative process and ultimately fulfills my desire to create work that has meaning in its outcome - to me and my clients.

Into an Environment...
exhibitions & awards
Nov 2010 - Greater Norristown Art League, Rose Bolef Memorial Award
Feb 2011 - "Photo Expo XI", Tyme Gallery, Havertown, PA - Annual Juried Photography Exhibition
Feb 2011 - "The World of the Professional Artist", MCGOPA, Conshohocken, PA - Exhibition
March 2011 - Greater Norristown Art League, Photography Exhibition
May 2011 - 69th Annual Open Juried Exhibition, Greater Norristown Art League
Sept 2011 - Annual Fall Exhibition, Greater Norristown Art League
Oct 2011 -  Abstraction, Projects Gallery, Philadelphia
Dec 2011 - Longview Market/Greener Partners Holiday Exhibition
Dec 2011 - Professional Women Photographers 36th Anniversary Exhibition, Honorable Mention
May 2012 - Greater Norristown Art league 70th Anniversary Exhibition, MCCC, Blue Bell, PA
June 2012 - MCGOPA Annual Juried Exhibition, Conshohocken, PA